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Back to School Shopping

It's that time of year again - as the summer starts to wane (as does a bit of our parental patience, we admit), we begin to look ahead to the new school year and *insert frightening music* Back To School Supplies Lists!!! Well let us ease your fears this year with not 1, but 8 (!!!) back to school supplies lists for all Hopkinton students in grades K-8. If your child is in grade 9 or above, their lists will be tailored to their specific classes. Have your child bring in the basics - pencils, an agenda, and a notebook - and plan to purchase the needed supplies that first weekend. If your child is in grades 6-8, make them do a bit of the work by sourcing most of their own list! It's great real-life practice for them, and if they miss something, you have our handy click & buy list to fall back on.

Amazon lists, you say? That's right! And if you choose to purchase through Amazon, we'd love it if you went to and chose "Hopkinton PTA" as your charity of choice (or click THIS LINK). 0.5% of your order will automatically be donated back to the PTA at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you - it's a win-win!

Now, we know that you could probably source your entire list at a potentially lower cost if you shopped around. We post Amazon lists as a courtesy, but you do you - we're just trying to make life a bit easier.

Finally, we'll be collecting supplies for grades K-3 during the Ice Cream Socials at the end of August so that teachers can get their supplies set up before the school year starts. (Just imagine 15 Kindergardeners opening ALL THOSE MARKERS?! *shudder*)  


- Shop the list:
     *Please note these supplies will be communal - do not label anything with your child’s name. Thanks!

HMS 2019-2020 School Supplies:

- No. 2 pencils, box of 12

- Colored pencils, box of 12

- Crayons, box of 24

- Student scissors, one pair

- Glue sticks 4-6

- Classic color makers, box of 10, broad line

- Classic color markers, box of 10, fine line

- Expo Dry Erase Markers, box of 12, black bullet tip

- Shop the list: (please note, you need 3 packs of pencils!)
- See the full list and welcome letter here:

- Shop the list:
- 5B Welcome letter & list:

- Shop the list:
- 5C Welcome letter & list:

- Shop the 5J list:
- See the 5J Welcome Letter & List:

- Shop the list:
- Welcome letter & list in the comments:

(Please note there are 3 binder options. We've only included 1 option on the list (five 1-inch binders), but choose whichever works best for your teen.)
- Shop the list:
- 7th Grade Supplies List:

- Shop the list:
- See the full supplies list here: 

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