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Membership dues are our main source of funding.

Whether you are a parent, teacher, or part of the Hopkinton community, becoming a member of the PTA takes just a couple of minutes and goes a long way to support our school district. Membership dues directly support events, field trips, and enrichment activities that supplement the regular school curriculum. Annual PTA membership is available for individuals, families, and staff (details below).

In addition to providing valuable resources and experiences for our students, your PTA membership allows you to:

  • Receive monthly meeting agendas and minutes

  • Have voting rights at monthly meetings

  • Get access to the annual Student Directory to connect with other families

  • Be the first to know about upcoming events and opportunities to volunteer

  • Feel great knowing you made a difference for our schools and community!

Support our students and staff with an annual PTA membership

  • 2023-24 Individual PTA Membership

    Valid for one year
  • 2023-24 Family PTA Membership

    Valid for one year
  • 2023-24 Teacher and Staff PTA Membership

    Valid for one year

PTA Membership Debunked:

PTA membership won't directly impact my child

Our teachers and staff provide incredible learning environments and opportunities for our children, and we are so thankful for all that they do. Yet there are still limits in what they are able to offer, and that's where the PTA comes in! From funding the Artist in Residence program, to purchasing books for the Ladybug and Great Stoneface award series, to assisting in funding field trips for classes K-12, we are here to fill those gaps to deliver enriching experiences for ALL students at HMS, MSS and HMHS. Funding requests available here.

PTA is just for moms

Well, first of all, the P stands for PARENTS. But also, the literacy experts in our schools will 100% confirm that PTA includes a silent G, F, C, S, X, Y, Z (basically the whole alphabet). Grandparents, friends, community members, school support staff, and everyone in between can help make Hopkinton Schools thrive!

You're going to ask me to volunteer

We do love volunteers. We won't lie. But your membership in the PTA does not require any commitment beyond your annual support of our schools! Pinky promise.


Of course...the more help we have, the more funds we can raise...and the more funds we raise, the more money and supplies we can offer to teachers, and the more activities we can host for parents and staff.  Trust us, the math checks out.

Okay, you're right. The math checks out.

We're glad! If you want to take the extra step, see our calendar for the list of our monthly meetings you can attend as well as signups for simple ways to get involved, such as donating snacks or manning a short 1-hour shift for an event. You can be as involved as you are able, and any support you can give to the PTA and the Hopkinton School District is enough!

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