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Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Hey look, it's a Funding Request!

You've got a funding request and we've got answers!

Thank you so much for coming to us with your funding request! As you know, we work tirelessly year round to offer you and your students the support you deserve! We also continually work to make the funding request process as easy as possible. To that end, please read the instructions below prior to submitting your request - we've made a few changes!

Board Meeting Attendance: First off, while we LOVE hearing about your programs, we understand that not everyone can make it to a PTA Board Meeting. We don't want Board-appearance to deter funding requests, so this is no longer a requirement (though your visits and updates are ALWAYS welcome - after all, we are the Parent TEACHER Association!) Please use our new form below and make your funding requests as detailed as possible if you are unable to present to the Board.

Students Grades 9-12: For teachers and students in grades 9-12, YES, the PTA can offer you funding as well! After all, we serve all schools. For older students, however, we ask that you consider what you can also offer the greater school community. Whether it's helping out with board meeting babysitting, leading an engaging station at the FUN Fair, or donating something to the annual Silent Auction, we work hard year-round to fundraise, and as they say - many hands make light work!

Aim to Benefit Many: Finally, when considering a funding request, one of our main tenets is to benefit as many students as possible with the funds we have. So if your request only directly benefits your class of 10, but will lead to a school presentation, that's great! That benefit is felt by many, which is a wonderful thing.

Here's our little secret: We want to SHOUT your work from the roof tops! OK, not really shout, but certainly share. We love seeing you and your students in action. We are asking for teachers and staff that receive funding from the PTA to please send us photos that we may share on our website and Facebook page. Photos can be sent to the email below.  

To request funding, you've got options! You can complete our online form HERE, or print and fill out THIS PAPER FORM, and return it to the PTA mailbox at your school or email it to us at:  We look forward to reading and hearing about the adventures and opportunities that await this year!

P.S. We know you might know a PTA board member personally, but please be sure the funding forms are sent through the proper channels illustrated above and not via personal email or text. We get a lot of questions and funding requests, and as a 501c3 non-profit, it's important we follow the same procedure for everyone. Thanks for your help!

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